Bloom in Bali

July 15th - 21st 2024

"Where we will practice, share, experience, grow & bloom, together”
- Tarryn

Namastarryn Bali Retreat

Bloom in Bali

July 15th -21st 2024
6 nights, 7 days Yoga Retreat - Canggu, Bali

NAMASTARRYN RETREATS are created to bring our community together, to practice, share, experience and grow. To discover your inner strength while being safely guided with nurturing compassion. I am here to hold you as you enter your transformation, as you bloom. 

Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps on the mat or a seasoned yogi seeking deeper connection, I’m here to guide you on your journey home. 

My teaching philosophy is rooted in compassion and honouring you and where you are without the need to change. I am devoted to being your safe space. 

I look forward to welcoming you on the mat in Bali in 2024

– Tarryn

  • 6 nights luxury accomodation
  • Private Yoga Shala access with yoga mats & props
  • Private Sauna, Ice Bath, Gym, Cinema, Pool
  • Daily Yoga Practices and workshops with Tarryn
  • Special guest facilitators
  • Massage
  • Day trip to Nusa Penida – private boat and
    optional snorkelling
  • Day trip to Ubud – waterfalls
  • Day trip to Uluwatu – beaches
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Arrival & Departure Dinner
  • Airport transfers to & from retreat
  • Daily free time to explore, play, train, eat, tan,
    rest, enjoy, be

Flights and some meals not included.

Canggu has an amazing array of affordable
restaurants to choose from, walking distance from
our property.

  • Shared Suite ($2850 AUD pp)
  • Private King Suite ($3200 AUD pp) SOLD OUT
  • Private Bungalow ($3500 AUD pp) SOLD OUT
  • $50 deposit to secure your space on retreat and room type
  • 20% due 14 days after deposit
  • 40% due February 15th 2024 (5 months prior to retreat)
  • 40% due April 15th 2024 (3 months prior to retreat)
Namastarryn Retreats

The Yoga

At Bloom in Bali Yoga Retreat, guests can expect a transformative and rejuvenating experience guided by the talented yoga instructor, Tarryn. With a strong focus on wellness, mindful movement and self-discovery, Tarryn’s daily yoga classes are a nurturing way to begin and end the day in Bali. 

Tarryn’s yoga practice at Bloom in Bali primarily follows the Vinyasa style, a flowing sequence of postures that are synchronized with breath. This dynamic form of yoga provides a balanced blend of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Tarryn’s teaching approach caters to both beginners and intermediate yogis, ensuring that everyone can fully participate and benefit from the practice. 

Tarryn’s guidance ensures that guests at Bloom in Bali Yoga Retreat experience the healing and transformative power of yoga, regardless of their level of expertise. With her expert teaching instruction and inclusive approach, all guests can embark on a journey of self-discovery, balance, and well-being during their stay in the serene and lush surroundings of Bali. 

Let’s Bloom, Together.

The Yoga Shala

The custom bamboo yoga shala is set on the 2nd floor with lush rice field views where you will practice yoga, guided through breathwork, meditation and where our workshops will be hosted by our special guest facilitators. The Yoga Shala is equipped with Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Pillows, Yoga Straps, therefore there is no need to bring your own.

For beginners, Tarryn offers a gentle introduction to Vinyasa, foundational postures, alignment, and breath control. This approach allows newcomers to yoga to build confidence and gradually develop their practice. 

Intermediate participants, on the other hand, will find Tarryn’s sessions challenging and invigorating. Providing optional, more complex sequences and variations into her classes, encouraging you to explore your boundaries, challenging you with love, while maintaining a deep connection to breath and inner awareness.

Namastarryn Bloom in Bali Yoga Retreat 2024 Yoga Shala

The Property

Oasis is a 2000sqm property that offers a wide variety of amenities for Bloom In Bali guests. You will have private access to:

  • Fully equipped Gym
  • Bamboo Yoga Shala
  • Pool
  • Sauna and Ice Bath
  • Cinema
  • Co-working Space
  • Game Area
  • Cafe and more

The pool comes with a terrazzo beach area for you to relax and chill on a sunny day at Oasis. This area is surrounded by multiple day beds and pool lounges.

The cinema is completed with tiered seating that could be occupied by up to 20 people. Hosting workshop activities and movie night.

Everybody loves some fun! There is a big Brunswick pool table, shuffleboard, ping-pong, corn holes, volleyball, badminton courtand a variety of board games.

Room Types

Namastarryn Bloom in Bali Retreat 2024 Shared Suite

Shared Suite

Equipped with 2 single beds (not small twin beds), a patio or balcony overlooking the pool, air- conditioner and ceiling fan, private bathroom

$2850 AUD

Namastarryn Bloom in Bali Retreat 2024 Private King

Private King Suite

Equipped with a king-sized bed, a patio or balcony facing the pool, air-conditioner, ceiling fan and private bathroom

$3200 AUD

Namastarryn Bloom in Bali Retreat 2024 Bungalow

Private Bungalow

Equipped with a king-sized bed, placed right by the pool with private swim deck and outdoor loft net, private bathroom and custom bathtub, air conditioner and ceiling fan

$3500 AUD

all prices are per person

The Location

OASIS is a secluded Eco-friendly Retreat complex nestled inside famous Canggu, Bali. With lush Rice Field views and surrounded by greenery, you will truly feel like you are in your own Oasis.

The property is located in JI Nelayan 30, Canggu – only 1 minute scooter ride to the nearest Nelayan Beach where we will be watching the famous Bali Sunsets! For your convenience, the location is walking-distance away from many well known cafes, restaurants, and bars in Canggu.

Oasis has 14 spacious rooms with 4 different room styles.

The room options are below:

  • 4 Bungalows
  • 5 King Suites
  • 3 Shared Suites (sleeping 6)
  • 1 Quad Room (please enquire for quad share, prices are not on website)


Daily breakfast is included to ensure we begin each day nourished from the inside out. Locally sourced, clean eating with optimal nutrition. Vegan options available. For the coffee lovers we even have a personal barista each morning! 

Arrival and departure dinner is included and will be at a restaurant in Canggu

Canggu is well-known for it’s amazing array of affordable and highly-rated  restaurants with many options walking distance from our property that you will have freedom to explore for lunch.  

Namastarryn Bloom in Bali Yoga Retreat 2024 Nourishment and Food
Namastarryn Bloom in Bali Yoga Retreat 2024 recovery


You will have private access to the dry heat sauna and ice baths during the entire 7 days.

It’s essential to give your body enough time spent not training to replenish your energy (glycogen) stores and allow your damaged muscles to recover.

Dry heat saunas are designed to heat your body in order to induce sweat. Saunas can give similar bodily responses to those elicited by moderate exercise.

Ice baths are good for the body and the mind. They reduce inflammation and improve recovery by changing the way blood and other fluids flow through your body. The ice bath is consistently around 8C/46F.


When we’re not on the mat, we will be exploring beautiful Bali as a group. 

Our week includes day trips to:

  • Nusa Penida, a beautiful island off Bali with the option to snorkel from our private boat, with all snorkelling gear provided. TBC 
  • Ubud, known for it’s beautiful waterfalls and rice fields 
  • Uluwatu, with it’s dramatic cliff-faces and stunning beaches

Daily free time to explore, play, train, eat, tan, rest, enjoy, be

Namastarryn Bloom in Bali Yoga Retreat 2024 explore and adventure

"Devoted to being your safe space"

- Tarryn, founder NAMASTARRYN
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